Campuses Energy Commission (CECOM)


The EPFL Direction has decided to create an operational management committee on energy (Comopenergy). The committee will serve an initial two-year term, which may be renewed depending on how the introduced measures change over time and on the needs of the OSTRAL plan.

Committee objectives

The operational management committee decides and coordinates how the EPFL Direction’s policy decisions will be implemented. The committee aims to:

  • create an inventory to classify energy consumers and CO2 emitters by level of consumption/emission
  • identify and implement measures to permanently reduce energy consumption (energy sobriety and CO2 emission reduction)
  • identify and recommend autonomous renewable energy sources that EPFL could adopt
  • draft a plan, for the EPFL Direction’s approval, to temporarily reduce energy consumption by 10%, 20%, 33% and 50% upon the government’s request in the event of an OSTRAL situation
  • prepare a directive for the EPFL Direction’s approval that can be enacted in the event of an OSTRAL situation
  • trigger and then manage the implementation of measures at EPFL in the event of an OSTRAL situation
  • provide the entire EPFL community with regular updates on the committee’s work and on the measures implemented.

Committee responsibilities

The committee chair is responsible for running meetings and informing members about the EPFL Direction’s decisions. They keep the EPFL Direction regularly updated on committee activities.

Each team is responsible for implementing the committee’s decisions in its respective area of expertise. In particular, committee members:

  • inform the EPFL president and the general secretary via the committee chair or co-chair of the issues that require the EPFL Direction’s attention or sign-off
  • represent their team and make decisions on its behalf
  • provide the committee with the information needed to analyze the situation at hand and make decisions
  • draft the directive sections that fall under their team’s purview
  • implement the committee decisions that involve their team, or ensure that the decisions are implemented in the team.


  • Jan S. Hesthaven, Chairman of the commission
  • Matthias Gäumann, Co-chairman of the commission


  • Yves Allegri, VPF
  • Rafael Corvalán, VPO-DSI
  • Pierre Dillenbourg, AVP-E
  • Drazen Dujic, STI
  • Eric Du Pasquier, VPO-DES
  • Ambrogio Fasoli, AVP-R
  • Corine Feuz, Mediacom
  • Anna Foncuberta i Morral, AVP-CP
  • Sandrine Gerber, AE
  • Marcella Giovannini, Ass. Camp.
  • Tugdual Kerjan, AGEPoly
  • Tristan Maillard, SG
  • Ewa Mariéthoz (procès-verbal), SG
  • Emad Oveisi, CCE
  • Daniel Pose, AJ
  • Wendy Queen, CEN
  • Frédéric Rauss, Mediacom
  • Christopher Roberts, IC
  • Philippe Thalmann, ENAC
  • Ralf Schneggenburger, SV
  • Gisou Van der Goot, VPT
  • Franco Vigliotti, VPO-DDC
  • Andreas Züttel, SB


  • Mario Paolone, STI