Tips on how to reduce our everyday energy use

Every effort counts:

  • Completely turn off equipment (as opposed to leaving it in standby mode) whenever possible
  • In labs, lower the sash in fume hoods (a closed fume hood uses around one-third as much power as an open one)
  • Turn off lights, except where motion detectors are used

Defrost and share refrigerators

Refrigerators and freezers that have not been defrosted consume much more power. So take a moment to defrost them – that will also free up space inside them. And be sure to turn off any that aren’t being used.

Recommended temperature settings:


  • –18°C (up from –20°C)
  • –78°C (up from –80°C)


  • 6°C

On a campus of 17,000 people, the sum of these efforts may – we strongly hope – prevent us from having to ration electricity (where the power supply is reduced from normal levels) or face power cuts (where the power supply is halted for several hours) this winter.